Starseed Fun Time


The first full-length album from Starbound Renegade. Catchy and uplifting melodies to carry you over the astral plane as you dance your way throughout the galaxy.

Contains 15 expansive tracks. Also available on iTunes, Google PlaySpotify, AmazonBandcamp and many other digital platforms.

  • Digital Download .ZIP file
  • High Quality MP3

“I’ve been following Jeff’s progression as a musician, filmmaker, and graphic designer for a number of years, and it’s great to see it all come together under his latest creative effort, Starbound Renegade. Not surprising for a name which evokes an 80s sci-fi aesthetic, there are some great synthesizer hooks and melodies in his songs but also a wide variety of influences from other genres to give the tracks a worldly, distinct feel. He’s dancing to the beat of his own drummer and not just rehashing the same thing you hear most synthwave artists doing. That’s the other thing - he does his own visuals and cover art as well. He’s truly a one man show, so check out Starbound Renegade.”

Joshua BlumThirteenth Hour Podcast

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